Extended Context Menu

We all know that the right-click of our mouse bring up the context menu, but if you want an extended context menu just press and hold [SHIFT] Key while you click the right button of your mouse. Doing this will show an extended context menu. Read More »

Open The Link In New Tab

You can open any link in a new tab just by holding the [CTRL] Key and clicking on that link. However just the right-click give us the options to open the link in new window, new tab and in an incognito window, but this trick helps you save time. This mouse trick also is helpful when your right-click is not ... Read More »

Maximize Or Close The Window 

This is actually quite a common mouse trick, but I find it worth adding in my list of useful mouse tricks. If you want to close a Window, just double-click on the Windows Logo on the top left a corner of your Window. To maximize or restore the Window, double-click your mouse on the title bar. Read More »

Zoom In and Zoom Out

I often need this trick as my eyesight is a bit weak. I usually work on Word with a Zoomed In page. If you also want to Zoom in your Word Document just press the [CTRL] and scroll up and [CTRL] and scroll down to zoom out. Read More »

Select Vertical Text Using [ALT] Key

Do you know how to select the text vertically? It’s very easy, just press and hold the [ALT] key and select the text using the left button of your mouse. I must mention here that this trick too doesn’t work on online pages. You can use this trick too only on your Microsoft Office documents only. Read More »

Select Multiple Text Pieces Using [CTRL] Key

  This trick is not that common I guess. Using this trick you can select multiple text pieces in a document. Select a text piece and then press and hold the [CTRL] Key and select the next text pieces you want. Have you ever wanted to select multiple pieces of text on a document? What do you do then? Here’s ... Read More »

Select Text Using [SHIFT] Key

This is one of the simplest tricks of the mouse. However you can easily select the text by clicking the left mouse button and dragging it, but this sometimes becomes inept when we want to select till a specific character. Dragging often selects the complete word, and this trick helps there. I also use this trick when my mouse doesn’t ... Read More »

Get A Book With Many Exercise

You are going to need a good book with lots of examples and tests to follow. Do some research about the language you want and pick the best book available. you can go te extra mile of looking for exercises online about the language you are learning. Remember, there is no traffic in the extra mile. it only makes you ... Read More »

Turn Tasks Into Games

Are you inside the house or outside? Try to make a thinking game. Try to come up with a world that you can use to remember a group of words. Just when you want to remember the colors of the rainbow, you say ROYGBIV. Which stands for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet. Notice how the word ROYGBIV was ... Read More »

How To Use Disk Clean Up

You might need to cross check your recycle bin for any deleted file you need to recover before you use the Disc Clean Up tool. Search for the Administrative tool on your computer. Open the Disc Clean Up utility. Follow the instruction that follows. This tool will ask the areas of the disc you want to clean; select the areas ... Read More »