How To Code An App For iPhone

This is the platform use for iOS apps. All the apps on your iPad and iPhone were built on this platform. It on a Mac computer that you can program an iOS app because you will need Xcode which does not run on any other machine except Mac. And the language use is objective-c.   There is no better place ... Read More »

Where Can I Repair My Computer

It is normal to think of a computer repair center whenever have a problem with your computer. I will advise you to check some of the computer repair tips above before taking that PC out for repair. If you have checked and the tips and still can’t fix your computer after trying your best effort, then you can get a ... Read More »

Your Computer Does Not Power Up

When your computer does not switch on the first thing to check will be the power outlet. Check the power cable and if everything is fine from the power outlet then move to the power pack, check the switch at the back of your power pack if it is at the right place. Disconnect the power supply and open the computer ... Read More »

Tired OF Your Slow Computer

Have you tried all you could and yet your computer still run like a snail, you can try reinstalling the OS. It can help and its better than you getting a new system because you old one is too slow. Some years ago, one my friends wanted to get a new computer because he was tired of the old one ... Read More »

Try System Restore

System restore is a handy computer repair tool that will get rid of a recent software or upgrade on the computer. There are many ways to get to the system restore point but the easiest you can use is by typing rstrui in run box (Windows Key + R). Make sure you are ready system restore because once you start it, you ... Read More »

Pop Ups Keep Appearing on Your Computer

You can simply use adblocker on your browser when browsing but what of pop up that appear even when you are not browsing. These are kind of pop ups can sneaky and difficult to remove from your computer. They are called adware and a form of malware. To get rid of any adware from your computer, you will need to ... Read More »

Your Computer Is Always Hot

Heat is not good for electronics so when notice this kind of problem, please quickly take action. First you will need to shut down the computer and disconnect the power cable remove the battery in case of a laptop. Open up the casing and blow away the dust in it using a vacuum. It is not necessary for you to open ... Read More »

Use the System Diagnostic Tool

There is a built-in diagnostic tool on each computer. its basic function is to let you know the problem with your computer. This tool is common in Dell and HP, if you dig a bit you will find it in other brands as well. To use this tool, restart your computer and immediately it shutting down take the following steps ... Read More »