How To Use Disk Clean Up

You might need to cross check your recycle bin for any deleted file you need to recover before you use the Disc Clean Up tool.

Search for the Administrative tool on your computer. Open the Disc Clean Up utility. Follow the instruction that follows. This tool will ask the areas of the disc you want to clean; select the areas you want and let it do its job.

A basic action that I take to increase the speed of my laptop regularly is using Disk Clean Up. It does not take much time and the result is clear.

There are other ways to increase the speed of a computer but the three ways explained above is more than enough to get the result you’ve always wanted. Startup programs might be useful but too much of it will affect the speed.

There is no reason why you should keep a program you don’t need on the computer and lastly, disc cleanup is a very useful tool to clean your computer from easy files that might be eating up the speed of your computer.

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